Change Management : Risk Assessment

How well does your organization assess the risk of change in IT services?

  • Does your IT team have a structured and repeatable method to review and evaluate the risk of changes to applications and technologies?
  • Do they clearly understand the potential impact of change and probability of undesired results that lead to extended planned downtime periods?
  • Is communication regarding changes inconsistent across IT teams and your hospital "customers"?

Features of a Change Management - Risk Assessment Methodology

From ITIL and IT-SMF concepts we have developed a unique Change Management - Risk Assessment Methodology (CM:RA) specifically for healthcare organizations.

CM:RA includes an assessment tool and structured metrics for evaluating changes in applications and technologies, and the risk of implementing the changes.

The CM:RA evaluation tool includes 18 factors that consider the scope and magnitude of change. The assessment factors can be customized to fit your healthcare organization.

Benefits of the CM:RA Methodology

  • Easily integrates with your existing Change Management processes
  • Establishes a repeatable process for ranking risk in terms of impact and probability of success
  • Identifies changes that are likely to have a high implementation risk
  • Facilitates governance decisions on approval of change requests
  • Significantly reduces the occurrence of failed change events and extended planned downtime for information services

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Your organization can benefit by adopting a Change Management – Risk Assessment Methodology that will assist you with evaluating upcoming changes and increase the probability of success!

Download the CM:RA information sheet